Cast Stone

Cast Stone is a richly refined architectural pre-cast concrete building stone, manufactured from fine and coarse aggregates, Portland cement, mineral oxide color pigments, chemical admixtures and water. The warmth and richness of Olimar’s Cast Stone creates unique spaces of permanence, romance and beauty; inside and out.

Properly manufactured, Cast Stone has the same or stronger physical properties as most dimensional building stone. Properly selected and installed, Cast Stone can result in an architectural project of enduring beauty to be enjoyed for decades.

Installed, manufactured stone is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of natural stone. Its lightweight properties eliminate the need for wall ties or footings. Manufactured stone has a 2% (approximately) waste factor versus 10% or more for natural stone.

Cast Stone can be applied to any structurally sound surface with the proper preparation. It fits nearly any building plan — large or small, interior or exterior, new residential or commercial projects.

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